THE Welsh Mountain Zoo have launched a special 'Shopping for Survival' event to raise awareness of 'shopping smart' and choosing products which use sustainable palm oil.

Many of the Zoo’s animals are affected by the international palm oil trade and campaigning to raise awareness forms part of the Zoo’s commitment to protect and conserve animals throughout the globe.

The event was led by Education Manager, Alex Davies, who commented: “We are supporting the work of WAZA and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with their PalmOil Scan app, which allows users to check a product’s barcode to see how major manufacturers are sourcing their palm oil - and therefore checking if it is sustainably sourced.

“Our aim in holding this event was to educate visitors of the importance of choosing products which use only sustainable palm oil, whilst learning all about which animals are affected and the impact that palm oil production is having globally.

“The more people who are aware of the issues surrounding palm oil and the products that contain a sustainable variation, and make that choice, the better.

“This was a hugely successful event and we look forward to holding similar events in the future.”

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