NOT so long ago, dinosaurs roamed Colwyn Bay's very own Jurassic Park.

Well, not so much roamed, but they stood and roared to the delight of generations of children.

If you were a child of 70s, 80s or 90s in North Wales there is a good chance you visited Dinosaur World in Eirias Park.

It was advertised as the largest collection of dinosaurs in the UK, with a collection of more than 50 life-sized fibreglass models.

They made realistic - or best guess - noises and were shown in recreations of their natural habitat.

As well as dinosaurs, there were other prehistoric beasts such as a woolly mammoth and a sabre-tooth cat.

There was even a family of cave people in furry loincloths.

The park was then one of North Wales premier locations for tourists and locals alike, with a boating lake opposite the prehistoric attraction as well as other attractions over the years.

On Facebook, Karen Sparrow said: "I remember taking my children there. I remember the little zoo, prior to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, donkey rides and Wells Fargo train a bit later."

Alex Bryers said: "Dinosaur World was my son's favourite place when he was little!, used to take him there nearly every week!"

Lainey Murphy said: "This was one of our favourite places to visit when you were little. We would always get a lolly ice at the end in the shop. Those were they days."

But, fortunately without the need for a meteorite, Colwyn Bay's age of the dinosaurs came to an end in 2003.

However, thanks to the North Wales Pioneer archive, you can relieve the experience with these photos.