THE MP for Aberconwy, Robin Millar, has welcomed his Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committees Bill receiving strong cross-party support and passing its committee stage in parliament today (March 16).

Following the Committee Stage meeting this morning, Mr Millar said: “I am delighted that my bill to further support veterans will now progress to its third reading.

“At a time when politics seems so polarised it is heartening that there is a real sense of unity in ensuring that we care for those who have given so much to protect us, and I am grateful for the cross-party support that my bill has received.

“Since being elected as the MP for Aberconwy it has been a privilege to participate in the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

“The scheme has given me, and many other MPs, an invaluable insight into military life and experiences that have allowed me to make more informed contributions to defence policy.

“Over two-thirds of the MPs present this morning are members of the scheme – a powerful reflection of its importance in supporting former and serving members of our Armed Forces.

“This Government is determined to make the United Kingdom the best place in the world to be a veteran and I am proud that this Bill will help to realise this vision.

“It facilities the provision of more support to more veterans and it gives ministers the flexibility to adapt support that is available to veterans as circumstances change.

“Conwy has the highest proportion of veterans of any county in Wales.

"It has been a real privilege to meet and listen to veterans across Aberconwy and I’ve been inspired by the work of local charities and community groups such as Military Minds FC and Llandudno’s Troop Café who do much to support them.

“I am hosting a local veterans' meeting on March 18 and I am looking forward to discussing ways in which I can help to support the men and women who have given so much to protect us.”