Instagrammers trying to create the perfect 'story' were rescued from the face of a notorious quarry - prompting a warning from emergency crews.

Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist three people who'd set out to explore the Dinorwig slate quarries near Llanberis.

The trip made their way to a quarry hole known as Sinc Galed but scrambled to the top of the Eastern wall of the quarry hole.

They had to be rescued and the rescue team later said "no Instagram story is worth the level of risk that some people are unwittingly taking''.

They added ''social media meet-ups'' were bringing large groups to the quarry.

A Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team spokesperson said: "This is an area of the quarry that even experienced rock climbers have avoided, being described as 'hideous' and 'harrowing'.

"While attempting to ascend this wall, 2 members of the party became stuck on an unstable ledge around 35 metres from the top of the cliff and decided, wisely, to call for help."

A group of team members were deployed and one was lowered on a rope to the casualties' location to secure them on the ledge.

The team set up an artificial high directional tripod and 2-line hauling system at the top of the cliff and from there the team member and both of the stuck explorers were hauled to safety in three separate lifts.

Although everyone involved in the operation is safe, the team issued warnings against the increasing use of social media on the dangerous landscapes.

They said: "The old buildings and infrastructure of the slate quarries (railways, ladders etc.) are over half a century old and in various states of rust and decay.

"These old structures and fixtures, which can often be found above precipitous drops, could (and often do) collapse at any time and without warning.

"No Instagram story is worth the level of risk that some people are unwittingly taking."