JANET Finch-Saunders, Aberconwy MP, and former Llandudno councillor, Ian Turner, have today renewed their long-running campaign to see sand restored to the town’s North Shore beach.

The current defences are a combination of soft and hard engineering methods, with the majority being hard defences with the stone upper beach, supplemented by artificial recharge, which provides protection to the stepped sea wall and promenade behind.

Following the winter storms of 2013-14, emergency works were carried out to replenish the stone that had been lost or displaced.


Welsh Government won't fund return of sand to Llandudno’s North Shore

Approximately 30,000m³ of imported material was replaced.

The latest Welsh Government position is a refusal to use the flood and coastal erosion budget to fund the restoration of sand.

Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “The Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour county council should never have put quarry stones on our beach in the first place.

“Now that Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour are co-operating at Conwy cabinet level and Welsh Government, they have a key opportunity to put the disaster they have created on our beach right.

“As it stands, there is a conflict between what the Welsh Government Ministers are claiming, and the Llandudno North and West Shore Outline Business Case shows. 

“Cllr Turner and I have a series of actions planned to try and stop more rocks dumped on our shore line, and do our upmost to see sand restored.”