THE MS for Clwyd West, Darren Millar has highlighted the issues some older people are experiencing in accessing public services and applying for bus passes and blue badges because most things are now done online and said alternative methods of doing these things must still be available.

Speaking in the Senedd, Mr Millar said that, while advances in technology have made life easier for many, some older people, particularly those older than 75, are experiencing difficulties using the technology, so provisions must be made to accommodate them.

Calling for an oral statement on digital inclusion from the Welsh Government, he said: “There's been a lot of concern expressed by the Older People's Commissioner, Audit Wales and Age Cymru about the difficulties that some older people, in particular the over-75s, are having in being able to access some public services and to apply for things such as blue badges and bus passes.

“Obviously, local authorities are trying to take advantage of the technology that's now available to them to streamline processes, but it is important that the alternatives to online applications are also being equally promoted, particularly to those who do not use online services.

“Around a third of people in Wales who are over 75 do not feel confident or don't have the competence to be able to use the online services that are available.

“I would like a statement brought forward from the Government on digital inclusion in Wales, to make sure that older people aren't missing out when it comes to being able to access these important services.”