A ROYAL Naval ship was spotted sailing near to the Great Orme.

John Hume Snr spotted the boat on a misty Sunday morning (July 23) and shared the snap to the You know you are from LLandudno if you..... public group on Facebook. 

Residents were quick to identify it as HMS Tyne (P281).

John said: "I was on Marine drive on Sunday morning when I spotted a ship in the mist off Llandudno. I took a quick photo of it and then, using the zoom on my camera, I zoomed in on the ship to see if I could make out it's name. When I downloaded the shots I was able to clean up the photo and saw the letter and numbers on it's side which read P281.

"I googled the number and discovered that the ship was HMS Tyne.

"I took the photo at 8.45am."

North Wales Pioneer: John Hume Snr took this photo of the ship on a misty Sunday morning.John Hume Snr took this photo of the ship on a misty Sunday morning. (Image: John Hume Snr)

HMS Tyne safeguards the UK’s fishing stocks. She is one of busiest vessels in the Royal Navy's Fleet and spends nine out of every 10 days of the year at sea.


HMS Tyne has been serving the Royal Navy since the summer of 2003.