AN MS has called on Conwy County Borough Council to scrap its 70 per cent increase in Telecare charges. 

Conwy Telecare, which supports a range of individuals - including older people and those that are disabled by providing technology within the home, is set to almost double in price. The majority of customers were notified by letter earlier in August - less than a month before the outlined hike.

From September 1, service users that pay annually for ‘Telecare Rental and Monitoring’ will see their bill sky-rocket from £182 to £310.25. Customers that pay a yearly invoice of £57.20 for ‘Telecare Monitoring only’ will see their bills jump from £57.20 to £98.55 a year and those that have opted for ‘Telecare Rental only’ will see their bill increase from £124.80 to £211.70.

Darren Millar, Clwyd West MS, has labelled the increase as "extortionate."

He said the hike would see residents in Conwy paying the highest telecare charges in the Wales.

The charges in other parts of North Wales are; Anglesey £223.60; Denbighshire £204; Flintshire £137.28; Gwynedd £269.88; and Wrexham £293.80.

Mr Millar has written to the council asking them to look again at the proposed hike.

He said: “I am very concerned to see a rise of 70 per cent being imposed on vulnerable residents in the County Borough, especially given the significant rises in Council Tax in recent years and current cost of living pressures. 

“Having undertaken research of charges across Wales, it appears that from September 1 residents in Conwy will have the highest telecare charges in the country. 

“The fact that residents have received little warning over these changes and that there has been no consultation is wholly unacceptable. 

“While I appreciate the financial challenges faced by all public sector organisations, I must object in the strongest possible terms to the proposed increase and urge the local authority to look again at a more affordable rise which is in line with inflation.” 

Conwy Telecare provides customers with equipment that detect falls. Service Users are connected to a bilingual 24/7 monitoring service when an alarm is raised.

One customer, a widow in her 80s, has been left shocked, not only by the upcoming price increase but by the lack of notice given.

The resident from Rhos on Sea, who asked not to be named, said the price hike has the potential to “cripple her”.

“This increase is just a month away, we’ve been given no notice. It is quite an substantial increase.

“I’ve had mine for about two years and I haven’t used it, but it is there for peace of mind. At this rate, I may have to get rid of my car; the car keeps me independent and is vital for my mental health. Telecare is really important. The people behind this price rise are not considering the human story behind it. I think there will be other people that feel the same as me.

“I only received the letter on Friday, August 4 and the price is going up on September 1. There has been no notice given and the majority of us, we are at a time in our lives where we are not in a position to boost our income.


“I do feel vulnerable, I don’t like to admit that.

“They could have done the rise progressively. The enormity of this increase and with such short notice, and the fact that an equality impact assessment (EIA) hasn’t been done [or so the customer understands], this isn’t acceptable. I feel it is cruel - I feel very strongly about it.

“When you are older, we don’t all sit and knit at home, we have got responsibilities. The human side has gone unnoticed.

“To me, they are unlikely to back down. I’m hoping that some of us can club together to add more strength to our voices.”

Conwy Telecare said the hike is being introduced as a “mid-year price increase for the 2023/2024 financial year”.

There hasn’t been an increase in Telecare charges for customers in Conwy since 2010.

The price increase follows a review of the service.

A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council, on behalf of Conwy Telecare, said: “It’s important to us that we offer an affordable and accessible Telecare service for residents.

“The Conwy Telecare Service has been subsidised by Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) for many years, but this is no longer possible due to ongoing pressures on the budget.

“There hasn’t been an increase in Telecare charges for customers in Conwy since 2010.

“We have written to our customers to notify them of the increase in price.

“If you are experiencing financial difficulty or are worried about the price increase for the Telecare service, please seek support from Conwy Telecare or Conwy Welfare Rights.”

Conwy Telecare said the increase comes as a result of increased monitoring expenses, increased cost for digital device [the service is preparing for all Telecare devices to be digital by 2025] and to cover costs when the service stops being subsidised by CCBC.

Some Telecare customers may be eligible to qualify for help from the Supporting People scheme. Individuals that receive Housing Benefit may qualify for fully funded Telecare. Phone 01492 577560 or email