LLANDUDNO FC have put down an initial deposit for a new pitch to be installed at their home ground, nearly 10 months after last playing there.

The Cymru North side have been without a home pitch since around October, after UEFA and the FAW deemed the pitch at the OPS Wind Arena a health and safety hazard.

This forced the club to play away from home, placing them in financial jeopardy, which was followed by the departure of manager Sean Eardley and several players.

However, after extensive fundraising, and an innovative pitch bond scheme, the club has confirmed that they have secured an initial deposit for a replacement pitch.

The club said they should be able to return to playing at home by late October, but that further funds were needed to hit their full target, with the club’s website showing they have raised up to £183,000, from a target of £200,000.

A Llandudno FC club statement said: “Following nearly 10 months without a pitch and what has been one of the most challenging periods of our club’s history, thanks to the unwavering commitment from our board, staff, players, volunteers and most importantly our sponsors and supporters.


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“Llandudno FC is thrilled to announce that we have successfully secured the initial deposit for a replacement of our state-of-the-art 3G pitch.

“Following discussions with the contractors we hope that work will commence at the OPS Wind Arena on September 18 and weather permitting Llandudno FC should be able to return to playing at our home ground in late October. Something that everyone at the club is incredibly excited to see.

“Although we’ve taken this crucial step of placing an order for the new pitch, we have had to do so without having the full amount required to make the final payment on completion of the works.

“We have made this decision as if we were to delay the order of the pitch any further then it would become impossible, due to weather conditions, to lay the pitch in 2023. 

“Therefore, we once again urge our supporters and any business or organisation across Llandudno who may be able to support our Bond programme to please do so.

“We are confident that we can now make that final stride toward securing 100 per cent of the funds required to fully complete the payment for our cutting-edge 3G pitch and see our team return home to the OPS Wind Arena. 

“After securing the required funding to complete the pitch project, Llandudno FC will be working to raise further funds to carry out upgrades and repairs to our ground in line with FAW licensing requirements.

“This achievement marks an exciting new chapter in the story of Llandudno Football Club.”