A NEW 20mph sign in Conwy has been defaced ahead of the implementation of the changes to speed limits across Wales later this month.

This sign, on Henrhyd Road, has had the “three” peeled off and placed on its side below the “zero”, in opposition to the new 20mph limits coming into effect from September 17.

From that date, most roads in Wales that have currently have 30mph speed limits will become 20mph, with the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, insistent that it will reduce crashes and save lives.


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The Welsh shadow transport minister, Natasha Asghar MS, said: “This should not be condoned.

“But these ULEZ-style defacements are a clear symptom of the intense levels of dissatisfaction we are seeing across Wales with Labour’s tone-deaf approach to their blanket 20mph zones rollout.

“By their own admission, this policy will cost the Welsh economy £4.5billion, on top of the £33million headline price tag.

“Labour have also dropped any reference to environmental benefits, because blanket 20mph zones will likely harm our air quality.”

A Welsh Conservative investigation has found examples of a Labour council removing 20mph speed limit signs from outside schools as pupils return to schools.

The shadow transport minister added: “I am shocked that a council has removed 20mph signs from outside schools, just as children are going back to school after the summer holidays and more than a week before the regulations come into force.

“This is reckless and irresponsible and will cause confusion amongst motorists and parents.

“People are not aware of the new default and surely these vital signs should have stayed up to keep our children safe?

“With reports of signs being removed across the country and concerns raised with the Welsh Conservatives about the removal of 20mph signs ahead of the blanket speed limit coming into force, this is putting children’s lives at risk.

“This pet project by Labour has been nothing short of disastrous, causing mass confusion and anger from motorists across Wales, and is going to cost the Welsh economy £4.5bn, slow down emergency services and will ultimately cost more lives than it saves.”