A PERSON made a unique marriage proposal to their partner using a sky banner that flew over Llandudno.

The banner, which read “Vishenka will you marry me?” followed by a love heart, was seen flying over the town and the Great Orme by residents on Saturday, 23 September.

While it remains unknown if Vishenka accepted the proposal, residents took to social media to congratulate the couple.

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Residents said it was a “beautiful touch” and “very cute”, and one person called the act “very romantic” and wondered if Vishenka had said yes.

Others poked fun at the proposal, with someone saying “she said no on the following plane”, while another warned “don’t do it”.

Someone bemoaned that fact they “didn't get one like this”.

One resident said it was “lovely”, wished the couple “happy hears ahead” but said they hoped the plane “was not going faster than 20mph”, alluding to recent changes in the speed limit of several roads across Wales.