Photographers have been capturing awesome images of an aurora over Wales this week.

North Wales Pioneer: O Ilker Canalp took this photo at Rhyl.O Ilker Canalp took this photo at Rhyl. (Image: O Ilker Canalp)

People have been sharing photos on social media taken in Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno, Rhyl, and Camarthenshire.

Mathew Browne, 39, said: "Last night was one of the strongest displays of the northern lights in recent memory and was seen where skies were clear all over the mainland UK.

"I've captured it at Paxton's Tower in Carmarthen, Wales, just before midnight.

"At around midnight was the peak of the display with pink pillars clearly visible with the naked eye."

North Wales Pioneer: Mathew Browne took this photo in Camarthanshire.Mathew Browne took this photo in Camarthanshire. (Image: Mathew Browne (SWNS))

An aurora is a natural light display in Earth's sky as a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind.