A vote for an order to ban dogs from Colwyn Bay and Rhos on Sea beach descended into chaos when councillors alleged that the existing signs on the promenade were wrong – misinforming the public where dogs can go.

During a heated meeting at Bodlondeb, Conwy’s solicitor called for the meeting to be adjourned due to a disturbance in the public gallery.

Members of the economy and place overview and scrutiny committee were set to vote on a new Dog Control Public Space Protection Order.

The order governs where dogs can be walked and how in the county.

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The order was initially put in place in 2017, updated in 2020, but expires this month.

The new order would ban dogs from being walked both at Rhos on Sea’s sandy beach and between the pier and Porth Eirias.


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It was understood that dogs are currently banned from being walked on the beach between the pier and Porth Eirias all year round – as well as Rhos on Sea.

But this was questioned by Cllr Chris Hughes who claimed dogs are allowed to be walked between the pier and Porth Eirias between September 30 and May 1.

Cllr Hughes said signs say the beach is ‘seasonal’. Consequently, some councillors said the whole process was a confusing mess.

Addressing officers who claimed the beach between the pier and Porth Eirias was a permanent dog exclusion zone, Cllr Chris Hughes said: “If you changed it (the legislation from seasonal to permanent) in 2020 (fine), but in 2017 when the signage went up, it was a temporary beach.”

He added, “I’ve walked my dog on the beach dozens of times because it said you could walk your dog on the beach from the September 30th to 1 May.  The signage is still there.”

Cllr Jo Nutall added: “I think you can all see how confusing this has been for residents and tourists. The signs have been wrong since 2020, and nobody has a clue where they can go.  So it needs sorting. ”

Cllr Paul Luckock said the whole situation was a mess.

“I feel uncomfortable,” he said. “This appears to be a complete mess.  I don’t think you can describe it any other way. ”

Councillors voted for legislation governing the whole beach – that is the area between Porth Eirias and Rhos on Sea beach – to go back out to consultation.

The matter will be discussed at cabinet tomorrow (Thursday).