A MAN who has been seen busking across Llandudno by playing the piano has told of his relief that one of the town’s retail parks has said he can return to its premises.

Tim Lewin, 27, also known as “Piano Tim”, had been playing at various sites in the town, including at Mostyn Champneys Retail Park, since the summer.

But earlier this week, he said was told by the retail park’s “upper management” that he could no longer busk there.


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This left Tim, who has autism and finds playing the piano in public a great benefit for his mental health, feeling “sad and upset”, but Mostyn Champneys has since welcomed him back.

The retail park said Tim has never been unwelcome at Mostyn Champneys, and that through human error, he was mistakenly given incorrect advice by a new member of the team.

That team member has now been reminded of the retail park’s busking policies.

A spokesperson for Mostyn Champneys said: “Our resident buskers play an important role in creating a fantastic community atmosphere at Mostyn Champneys and bring a lot of joy to both visitors and colleagues.

“Mr Lewin is a very important part of that. We’d like to apologise for any upset caused and hope to see him back playing here very soon.”

North Wales Pioneer: Tim Lewin, AKA Piano TimTim Lewin, AKA Piano Tim (Image: Tim Lewin)

Following this, Tim said: “I am very happy that this got resolved, and I am definitely looking forward to getting back to busking on the street.

“Not today (October 20), though - the weather’s pretty bad!”

Earlier in the week, Tim had told the Pioneer of his disappointment at being told he could no longer busk at the retail park.

In particular, he has often been seen playing outside the Costa and Aldi stores at Mostyn Champneys.

He said: “The main reason why I go out busking it because it helps with my mental health, as I have had ups and downs, and went thought a lot of depression during lockdown.

“I’ve been doing it since about the start of the summer, and people really enjoy my music and praise me for my efforts.

“I want to carry on busking, and doing what I enjoy, because it’s good for my mental health. If people like it, I don’t see what the problem is.

“I could still carry on busking elsewhere in Llandudno, but busking there saves me a bit of a journey. My piano is quite a special, rare piano, and I only spend about two hours there; not all day.”

Janet Finch-Saunders, MS for Aberconwy, also fought Tim’s corner.

She said: "I am delighted to say this matter is now resolved. Tim is able to continue playing his lovely music.

“My huge thanks go to everybody who showed Tim much support on here, and to those who wrote in also.

“Llandudno really does have a true community spirit and it was heartening to see everybody who came together on this issue.”