THE WELSH Ambulance Service (WAS) is urging people to have a spook-tacular but safe Halloween this week.

Halloween is traditionally a busy time for the ambulance service.

Last year, the Trust received 7,937 calls to 999 over the Halloween period and a further 11,895 non-emergency calls to NHS 111 Wales.

Sonia Thompson, the Trust’s Assistant Director of Operations, said “Halloween can be an extremely busy time for the Welsh Ambulance Service.

“As we approach this exciting time of the year, it's important to prioritise safety for ourselves and our loved ones."

She added: "The Halloween season often brings about increased activities and gatherings, so here are some valuable tips to make your Halloween both fun and safe...”

  • Be seen, be safe when stepping out in costume, choose brightly coloured clothing or add reflective tape to your attire to enhance visibility, especially if you are walking near roads.
  • Carry a torch or use your phone's flashlight feature to illuminate your path if it is dark.
  • Accompany children. Ensure young children are accompanied by a responsible adult while trick-or-treating.
  • Stick to well-lit neighbourhoods, avoiding poorly lit or unfamiliar areas.
  • Responsible driving. Motorists should exercise extra caution on Halloween, anticipating an increased number of pedestrians, especially in residential areas.
  • Stay vigilant and adhere to speed limits, always keeping an eye out for trick-or-treaters.
  • Safe lighting alternatives Instead of traditional candles, use battery-operated LED lights to illuminate your carved pumpkins and decorations, eliminating the risk of open flames.
  • Make-up over masks. Choose non-toxic make-up or face paint instead of masks, allowing for better visibility and easier breathing while preserving the essence of your costume.
  • Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, especially the elderly.
  • Responsible celebrations. For adult Halloween revellers, drink responsibly, and always have a designated driver or plan for alternative transportation if consuming alcohol.
  • Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages at gatherings to accommodate all guests and promote responsible drinking.

“Finally, please only call 999 for serious or life-threatening emergencies,” added Sonia.

“And don’t forget about the alternatives to 999, such as the NHS 111 Wales website, your GP or nearest pharmacist.

“By following these simple steps, you can have a spook-tacular but safe Halloween.”