A CARE HOME in Llandudno has been praised for its “homely” environment in a Care Inspectorate Wales report, in which residents said staff members were “wonderful”.

Wimsly Care Home, at 9 St David’s Road, Llandudno, was inspected by the national services watchdog on 7 June, with a report published some months later.

The care home caters for 19 residents, and the June inspection was its first since it was re-registered under the Registration and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016.

The report found that residents were happy with the level of service, and felt appreciated and accommodated.

Residents praised staff as ‘wonderful’, ‘unbelievable’, and ‘friendly and kind’, with many having worked there for several years and established working relationships with residents’ families.

Two recommended improvements were more regular fire alarm testing, in line with regulations, and for more effective audits and checks to be carried out.

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The report summary stated: “People living in the home are happy with the service they receive. They choose the food they want to eat, choose how they want to spend their time and where they want to go. They are listened to, and changes are made to accommodate preferences.

“People are happy with staff who support them, describing them as ‘wonderful’ and ‘unbelievable’, ‘friendly and kind’. The staff are safely recruited and are trained to ensure they are competent; many have worked at the home for several years.

“People and their families are involved in putting together their plan of care, so support is delivered in the way they need and prefer.

“The environment is clean, homely and tidy but more frequent fire alarm tests are needed to ensure it is always safe.

“The provider values the views of people who stay in the home but needs to carry out effective audits, and other checks and measures to be certain the home is always running well and any areas for improvement are identified and swiftly addressed.”

A Priority Action Notice was issued, which highlights non-compliance with regulations and the ways to address these issues.

This was for the following:

  • Health and safety - the service needs to ensure that the fire alarm tests are tested weekly
  • Responsible individual formal visits - the responsible individual is required to complete a report of the formal visits conducted at the service