IT HAS BEEN 33 years since two men from Colwyn Bay hit the big screen when they went on the hugely popular game show Bullseye.

In 1990, contestants and friends Martin Jones and John Rothery appeared on the darts-themed show, where three pairs of contestants, each consisting of an amateur darts player and a quizzer, competed in darts games and quizzes to win cash and prizes.

Bullseye was immensely popular, attracting audiences of up to 20 million viewers at its peak.

North Wales Pioneer: Martin and John on Bullseye.Martin and John on Bullseye. (Image: Glenda Tobin)

The episode was brought back into the spotlight when resident Glenda Tobin saw the episode on a repeat scheduling on Challenge TV.

After appealing for more information about the two men on social media, she received a reply from Martin, who said he was unaware that John had since died.

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Other residents said Martin, whose nickname was Mad Martin, was a postman at the time, while John was a “great” darts player who competed in the Gwalia League.

The pair were often seen in the Plough Inn, and even the Cayley Arms in Rhos-on-Sea, with one acquaintance saying they were both “lovely fellas”.

Another person said John was “one of the first players to have a seven-dart check out in the Gwalia League”, a feat “only a handful of players have achieved to this day”.