A LORRY driver punched another lorry driver during a road rage incident on the way to Chester.

Chester Magistrates Court heard on Friday, November 17 that Kye Emmanuel, 25, of Maes Derw, Llandudno Junction, had punched the complainant following an incident which lasted several miles which culminated when Emmanual had to take evasive action.

Emmanuel, representing himself, said he punched the other driver in the face as he feared he was about to be attacked himself.

Magistrates were advised that while the defendant was entitled to take action to defend himself in the confrontation, this was not the correct course of action to take.

Prosecuting, Jessica Pridding said it was at 8.30am on October 6 when a witness saw two lorries which had stopped in a lane on Wrexham Road, near the Rossett Junction, on the Chester-bound side.

It was described as a "road rage incident" where the two drivers were out of their vehicles and confronted each other.

The defendant was then seen to punch the other lorry driver in the face, resulting in blood appearing in the complainant's mouth.

In police interview, Emmanuel said the complainant had "put him in fear of being assaulted", and punched him to avoid that happening.

He had five previous convictions for 10 offences, including common assault, driving without care and battery.

Emmanuel said the incident had lasted about 10-12 miles in total, and the other lorry had tried to cut him off on a roundabout.

He said there was also a period where the other driver was driving his lorry within 1-2 feet from the back of his lorry, and when Emmanuel slowed down to let the other lorry overtake, the other lorry moved into his lane and forced Emmanuel to brake harshly and move on to the grass verge, causing damage to the vehicle.

He said the confrontation happened a couple of miles later when he stopped at a junction to adjust a mirror which he could no longer see out of.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be obtained.

Emmanuel was placed on unconditional bail and will be sentenced at Chester Magistrates Court on December 15.