A SHORT film shot in Llandudno earlier this year is to be released at the start of 2024.

Sharks in Colwyn Bay was written and directed by Welsh-English filmmaker Jonny Williams between May 16 and 20, and will be shown at the BFI Southbank cinema in London on January 25.

There will also be an online screening, lasting for two weeks from the same date.


London filmmaker shoots short production in Llandudno

In the film, naïve Welshman Dick (Michael Christopher) runs a struggling Spanish café on the coast of North Wales.

When loan shark Gary (Sean Jones) issues Dick with an ultimatum, the daydreaming restaurateur tries to wipe off his debts with an impassioned meal.

But it soon becomes clear that Dick must take drastic action or lose his beloved tapas business forever.

The dark comedy short film, 16 minutes in length, was according to Jonny, a “real challenge” to shoot.

He said: “We had under five days to film, which was a tight squeeze for a project like this. When you’re pulling 12-hour days on little sleep, it’s easy to lose momentum.

“But seeing what great work the cast and crew are putting in always energises you again; it’s like having a shot of espresso.”

Jonny, whose parents both went to school in Holywell, has been making films since the age of nine, starting with stop-motion animation before moving to live-action.

A student at London Film School, he filmed this short production as part of his masters course.

Previously, he told the Pioneer: “I grew up in London, and am half-Welsh myself, but both the English and Welsh sides of my family are all now in Prestatyn, Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea.

“I got the idea for this film from visiting them. It’s about a character who has grown up in Wales, but feels detached from his Welsh identity, and feels a sort of cultural alienation.

“For example, my dad is Welsh, and grew up in Wales, but wouldn’t really call himself ‘Welsh’, and that’s what the character in the film is going through as well.”