HOSPICE staff granted a daughter's wish by helping to arrange a wedding ceremony at her mum's bedside.

Anna Brown, who married Hugo’s Matcham, was determined to have her mum Rita at her wedding. Rita was receiving care at St David's Hospice in Llandudno and would have been too unwell to travel to the wedding. 

With only 24 hours notice, Anna and Hugo's vicar and the staff of St David's Hospice rallied together to create a memorable wedding day for the couple and their families. Anna and Hugo were also helped by their nearest and dearest.

Heartwarming pictures show the couple laughing on their wedding day, next to a beaming Rita.

Anna said: "As fate would have it, it was by complete chance that we heard on Monday, October 23 about the hospice’s magical ability to turn around a wedding in a matter of days. I discussed this with the staff that same day and, recognising that having mum there to witness our marriage and to give me away was the most important thing of all, and that our time with mum was running out, we decided to do it. 

"With only 24 hours notice, our wedding was organised for Wednesday, October 25.

"Hugo and I stopped at a Llandudno jeweller en route. We hurriedly bought some bands that 'sort-of-fit' and got to the ‘chapel' on time!

"I wore the dress I’d intended to wear as a guest to our friends’ wedding that weekend; Hugo wore the suit he’d worn to his brother’s wedding in Las Vegas.

"Our dear friends drove from London and Manchester to be with us. My good friend surprised us with the photographer I’d always hoped to have for our wedding day, who dropped everything at the last minute to be there with us. 

"The hospice had arranged for the chapel to be decorated beautifully with bunting and fairy lights. They had organised flower bouquets and button holes, a photographer on hand, a cake and champagne to celebrate with. It was incredible.

"Mum was radiant that day," Anna added. 

"She was so happy. The nurses told me how excited she’d been the evening and morning before our wedding. They also told me that later that day, having given me away and watched us exchange our vows, she felt at peace. Complete."

Anna said one of Rita's "happiest and proudest" days came on January 11 2023 when her granddaughter Megan was born.

North Wales Pioneer: Anna and Hugo on their wedding day!Anna and Hugo on their wedding day! (Image: Mike Plunkett Photography)
"It filled her heart with so much love and happiness," Anna said.

It was a blessing that Rita saw her daughter get married too; Rita sadly died later in October at the hospice, aged 74.

"I know it would have meant the world to her," Anna said.

"That we would be ok. Thankfully, we have photos from that day of our little family together, bursting with love, and we can cherish those happy memories forever.

"Her big heart was so full of love and pride that day, she was never one to dwell on the negative. Mum knew how to enjoy life, always appreciated the little things, always found the silver linings. She had always retained a youthful enthusiasm and refreshing innocence, however ordinary the occasion may seem; greeting you with a big smile, a rosy red lipstick smudge on the cheek, a big hug on tiptoes and a welcoming high pitched 'hiya!'

"She was simply delightful, such a pleasure to share time with.

"Mum lived a long and happy life, though not long enough, and died young at heart."

A spokesperson for St David's Hospice said: "It was such an honour to help create a very special moment for a patient and their family recently. Anna was determined that her mam, Rita, would be at her wedding. Rita, who was in our care would have been too unwell to travel for the wedding. There was only one thing for it – to host the wedding at St David’s Hospice so as Rita could see her daughter’s marriage to Hugo.

"We wish Hugo and Anna a long and happy marriage and thank them for allowing us to be a part of a truly special day."