A POPULAR tea rooms in Llandudno has been left “disappointed” after its poetry shelf was “ransacked” for a second time.

The Habit, at 12 Mostyn Street, offers a poetry shelf for customers to browse and enjoy while they dine, having “worked hard” to source several books spanning different ages and genres.

A popular venture, the scheme has been in place for six months, despite it being expensive to maintain if books continue to be taken.

But just weeks after replacing several of their books after they were stolen, up to six more books have been taken again.

North Wales Pioneer: The Poetry Shelf before and after the latest act of thievery.The Poetry Shelf before and after the latest act of thievery. (Image: The Habit)

The business said they were “determined” to revive the shelf back to full strength.

A spokesperson for The Habit told the Pioneer: “The Poetry Shelf has been in place for about 6 months and it is extremely popular with our customers.

“We wanted to add a little culture and interest along with something for anyone visiting for a coffee, snack or meal on their own to read.

“No one wants to read a novel for half an hour but poetry is something you can dip in and out of. It’s not everyone’s thing but we worked hard to source lots of poetry books spanning different ages and genres.”’

Made up of old classics, books of war poems, love poems, revenge poems, punk poems, funny poems and Instagram poems, the idea has been immensely popular.


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The business even has sign advising customers to return books after use, seemingly to no avail.

The spokesperson added: “People are often pleasantly surprised to find that even though they didn’t like poetry, they actually enjoyed reading a poem or two.

“Even though the sign above the shelf clearly says “please pop them back afterwards”. They keep being stolen.

“Only a couple of weeks after we replaced a number our books, the Poetry Shelf has been ransacked again. Whoever it is, you should be ashamed of yourself.

“This is the second ‘big steal’ in which at least five or six of the more modern expensive titles have  disappeared in one go.

"Individual titles often ‘slip away’ as well - replacements are hard to find and often expensive.

“It is disappointing but we are determined to restock and get the Poetry Shelf back up to its full inspirational strength.”