A PROPERTY in Rhyl which was formerly home to a bistro has re-opened as a café and coffee shop, with a menu including Turkish and English breakfasts.

Liffy's Cafe & Bistro, at 7 Russell Road, closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it returned – as Liffy’s Cafe – on January 15.

It had been made available via Rhyl-based estate agents Jones & Redfearn, who set a guide price of £155,000 (subject to contract).


Former site of popular Rhyl café and bistro is sold

North Wales Pioneer: Food at Liffy's CafeFood at Liffy's Cafe (Image: Aydin Aslan)

Steve Budgen, of Prestatyn, purchased it for a fee of £147,500, before leasing it out to Rhyl businessman Aydin Aslan.

“I’ve lived in Rhyl for more than 10 years, so I know the area, and I know this kind of business,” Aydin said.

“It was a nice opening day, and the day after was much better – we should be closed on Tuesdays!

“We’re going to be closed on Tuesdays normally, but we decided to open today, just as it’s the beginning of the business, to get the customer base going.”

North Wales Pioneer: Cllr Cheryl Williams (R) at the opening of Liffy'sCllr Cheryl Williams (R) at the opening of Liffy's (Image: Cllr Cheryl Williams)

Cllr Cheryl Williams, deputy mayor of Rhyl, attended yesterday’s opening, saying: “The proprietors welcome customers into a homely warm atmosphere, with beautifully cooked food.”

The new menu at Liffy’s, which you can read in full below, includes all-day breakfasts and lunches, as well as salads, cold and hot drinks, and desserts.

North Wales Pioneer: The new menu at Liffy's CaféThe new menu at Liffy's Café (Image: Aydin Aslan)

North Wales Pioneer: The new menu at Liffy's CaféThe new menu at Liffy's Café (Image: Aydin)

It is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm from Monday to Saturday (but closed on Tuesdays), and 9am until 4pm on Sundays.

Previously, Steve said: “I wanted to open it and turn it into a really nice steakhouse, and do really big, posh tomahawk steaks with nice wine.

“But it’s just not the right time for me, so I’ve rented it out to a local businessmen.

“They’ve got two businesses in Rhyl already – a kebab shop and a fish and chip shop, so this will be their third within quite a small radius.

“I was really close to open something for myself there, but I’m just so busy with other things at the moment.”