Dear PDSA Vet, I think my dog Coco has an ear infection as she keeps scratching her ear. What should I do? Harry  

Hi Harry, an ear infection is an irritating and painful overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in the ear canal, usually caused by an underlying condition such as ear mites, a skin problem, or excess earwax.

Ear scratching, pain and head shaking are all common symptoms of an infection but a head tilt or loss of balance is a sign your dog’s infection has moved deeper into the ear.

I’d contact your vet and get Coco checked over. The quicker your dog is treated, the faster their recovery is likely to be. Find out more: 

Dear PDSA Vet, how can I show my dog I love him this Valentine’s Day? Will 

Hi Will, there are plenty of ways to show your dog you love him and they don’t involve splashing the cash!

Why not go on a new walking route so he can experience new sounds and smells? He will really appreciate being able to take his time and have a proper explore, so make sure you set aside plenty of time, without having to rush back.

We all like getting gifts and our pets are no different. Why not make your dog a new toy? Visit the PDSA website to find out how to make a simple dog toy at home.  

Dear PDSA Vet, I’m pretty sure someone in my street has an XL Bully. Should I report them? Karen  

Hi Karen, XL Bully breeds are banned – however, you will still see them around, as owners are able to apply for an exemption certificate so that the dogs can continue to live with their family, as long as they meet certain criteria.

You can report an XL Bully to the police if you see the dog without a muzzle or lead in public. If you are concerned that a dog is dangerous or has aggressive behaviour, regardless of the breed, then you should report the dog to the police or local authority. Find out more here: 

Dear PDSA Vet, my cat Chaos has started bumping into things and her eyes have become cloudy. A friend said she could be going blind – is this possible? Alison  

Hi Alison, these could be symptoms of potential sight loss so I’d recommend getting Chaos booked in at the vets who will be able to check her over.

As there are many different causes of blindness, the tests your cat might need can vary. An ophthalmoscope (an instrument that can look into the eye) may be used to assess the whole eye (front and back) for issues.

Your cat’s blood pressure may be checked using a blood pressure machine similar to how a humans would be checked and she may need some blood tests.

Your vet may also use a ‘tonometer’, an instrument, to measure the pressures in your cat’s eyes to check for glaucoma.  Find out more here: 

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