PLANS for a new waste recycling transfer station in Llandudno Junction were questioned at a Conwy Council meeting this week – after councillors spoke openly about collaborating with neighbouring Denbighshire.

Conwy has applied to its own planning department, seeking permission for the waste transfer station at Plot 2, Ffordd Maelgwyn, a vacant site formerly used as a car-breaking yard.

If granted permission, the station will be used as a collection point where vehicles and containers will be emptied and waste checked.

But the leader of cash-strapped Conwy County Council says he is already talking to neighbouring Denbighshire about pooling resources to save funds, prompting speculation of ongoing projects.

Conwy controversially increased council tax by 9.67% last week and Denbighshire 9.34%, and both authorities also slashed front-line service budgets, including schools by 5.5% and 3% respectively, attracting criticism from opposition.

The discussions follow Denbighshire’s leader Cllr Jason McLellan revealing he was open to collaboration between councils, admitting he was already talking to leaders of other councils.

Speaking at the council meeting at Bodlondeb this week, councillors appeared to question investment in the site while discussing the authority’s financial situation.

Rhos-on-Sea Conservative councillor Gareth Jones commented: “In view of the fact there seems to be a drive now in getting collaboration between councils, is it an opportunity to actually look at some of the big spends we’ve got in the bulking stations and waste transfer stations and things like that, and anything really that we could work on with other councils?

“Could we combine our resources together before we embark on some really long-term commitments for Conwy Council, which will affect revenue for years to come.”

He added, “I understand the need to push ahead with these schemes, but maybe there is an opportunity now to look at everything afresh and collaborate with other councils.”

Leader Cllr Charlie McCoubrey responded, “I think we have to look at every option. Long before my time as a councillor, there were discussions about bringing councils together. I think we are in a situation now where we have to turn every stone.

“The chief executive and I have meetings with the chief executive of Denbighshire and the leader. We’ve got another one scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) to look at areas where we can work together, to look at areas we can increase our resistance. You’ll be aware of a number of our services, a very small number – there are resilience issues there. People are ill or on maternity leave. I absolutely think we can look to explore options, that we absolutely have to.”

Cllr McCoubrey then said there was an opportunity to "pull services together" in areas such as procurement.

Gele and Llanddulas First Independent councillor Andrew Wood agreed.

“We need to look at this more closely,” he said.

“He (Cllr Jones) did mention something that is close to my heart, the waste transfer station, which if we go ahead with it, it is going to cost a lot more for Conwy to run as a separate entity to Denbighshire.”

He added, “We really need to look at this and drill it down. It is a very important thing.”