AN EXCEPTIONALLY high spring tide will be visible off Llandudno beach again today. 

A high tide of 8.4 metres was recorded in Llandudno at 11.15am on Monday, March 11.

The tide is set to hit 8.5 metres at 11.57am today (Tuesday, March 12) and on Wednesday, the tide is set to reach 8.3 metres. 

For Llandudno, the highest tides since 2008 appear to be 8.59 metres on September 29 2015. 

It will be 8.53 on September 19 2024, so September will be the highest this year. 

Alun Pari Huws, launch authority at Llandudno Lifeboat, said: "Today is an exceptionally high tide in the Llandudno and indeed around the whole coastline of Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom."

A spokesperson from Llandudno Lifeboat added: "Such high tides can be even higher if they are subject to onshore winds and preceding periods of sustained swell. Fortunately, the winds are forecast to be light today but with another exceptionally high tide predicted for September 19 this year, it is an opportune moment to remind users of coastal paths, promenades and beaches, including dog owners, to be fully aware of the dangers of the higher than usual tides.

"Those accessing tidal spits or islands should be particularly careful.


"Boat owners are advised to ensure that any vessels moored near high tide marks are properly secured lest their craft drift out to sea with the potential to cause alarm.

"It is also common for large pieces of debris, branches and other items to be washed from shorelines causing potential hazards for vessels particularly those travelling at speed. Such floating items can cause concern.

"If there is doubt, do contact HM Coastguard". 

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has issued flood warnings for areas along the North Wales coast from the Dee estuary to the East coast of Anglesey. This was updated at 8.07pm on March 11. The flood alert is in force for the next two days. 

NRW said there are 13 flood warnings and 11 flood alerts live on their website.

A spokesperson said: "These are in place to notify people in coastal areas of Wales - particularly in South and North Wales - that flooding of properties is possible as a result of spring high tides."

Resident George snapped a photo of the sea level looking high on Sunday. This was near to Llandudno Pier.

George told the Pioneer: "I was out and about near the toll house on Marine Drive as I looked at the view, I thought to myself, 'Wow, today's high tide looks pretty close, almost in touching distance of the pier'."

Any readers that get a photo of the spring high tide in Llandudno (please do not take any risks), can email