THE OPERATOR taking on a concession near the paddling pool in Rhos-on-Sea has outlined its plans for the season. 

Rhos Pubs Limited, who own the Rhos Fynach pub and restaurant, was selected by Conwy County Borough Council; Earlier this year, the local authority invited applications for a seasonal trading concession for ice creams, refreshments or bouncy castle.

Kate Tilley, marketing director at the Rhos Fynach, said: "We've had the concession for the last few years, this is our third year.

"The first year was fantastic. It was lovely and sunny and last year, of course, it rained a lot and the paddling pool didn't open so... not so great. So now we have got it again and we've got high hopes. 

"As far as what we are going to be doing, we have got Hettie the Horsebox which is our converted horsebox and we will have someone in there selling soft serve ice cream and all the other ranges of ice cream as well as soft drinks, chocolate.

"We will be selling inflatables for the paddling pool and toys and we will have two bouncy castles. 

"We have got live music. From May until September we will have live music every Sunday from 1.20pm until 5pm.

"On the Bank Holidays, we will have it on the Mondays as well. The timings will be the same."

Kate added: "Our stage has all been completely revamped and the crazy golf has had a refresh as well. It has been repainted and the gardens as well - I have worked so hard on the gardens! It is quite a big site. It's all looking great. It is looking really loved."

Kate is very much looking forward to the season ahead.

"We love it when it is busy and everybody has got smiles on their faces but what we need is the sun to shine," Kate said.

"As soon as the sun shines, everyone comes out and of course we have got a 500-seater beer garden. When it is full and we have the music going and the sun is shining, everybody is having a ball."


Kate is hoping they can start their concession stand around Easter but stressed it is weather dependant.

"With the weather, it is hard to say when we can start the concession stand," she said.

"If Easter weekend is blazing sunshine, it will be open. But we are keen to stress it is weather dependent. If the ground is not dry and it doesn't dry up around there, then the horsebox will sink. 

"If the winds are too high or it is too wet, we can't put the bouncy castle out. We are as keen as anyone to get it started but we have to be safe about it."

Asked how much the team would like to see the paddling pool open, Kate responded: "The paddling pool - oh my gosh! We want it open, yes, then people have a reason to come - not just for us!

"It was really missed by everybody last year. We are looking forward to that opening for sure. 

"We are looking forward to a great season ahead."