A MEMBER of the Welsh Parliament has appealed to Wales’ new First Minister to do the right thing and scrap the default 20mph speed limit.

Sam Rowlands, who has constantly opposed and campaigned against the legislation was commenting after Vaughan Gething was sworn in as the new leader of the Welsh Labour Government.

He said: “As we reach the milestone of six months since this extremely unpopular legislation was introduced I am appealing to the First Minister to look at this issue as a matter of urgency.

“It was a barmy idea in the first place and despite numerous calls for this ridiculous law to be scrapped and almost half a million people signing a petition against it, from Monday, this week, full enforcement of the 20mph speed limit has begun.

“This barmy legislation continues to cause chaos, frustration and confusion across North Wales and people are absolutely fed up of the continued hassle being caused by this extremely unpopular law.

“It is totally crazy having to drive at 20mph along a road where there have been no accidents just to satisfy the whim of the Welsh Labour government.


“The default 20mph speed limit has to be one of the Welsh Government’s more bonkers and ill thought out policies. 

“It is deeply unpopular and you would think that in the democratic world we live in public opinion would count, but not in Wales where vanity projects rule.

“The First Minister has a real chance to show the people of Wales that he is prepared to listen to the public and I am urging him to do the right thing and scrap this law.”