EARLIER THIS week, Conwy County Borough Council announced it will introduce charges at two of its free car parks – and the decision has been met with fierce criticism.

Prices are set to increase at all Conwy’s pay-and-display car parks from Friday (March 29), just in time for the busy bank holiday weekend.

But, later this year, the free car parks at Llanfairfechan promenade and Plas yn Dre in Llanrwst will see parking charges introduced from 80p for one hour, £1.60 for two, £3.60 for up to four hours, £5 for over four hours, and £6.20 for 24 hours. Drivers will even be charged £1.20 to park overnight.


Free car parks in Conwy set to introduce charges this week

Parking charges to go up at Colwyn Bay Promenade from May

Pioneer readers have slammed the move, and this is a selection of what they had to say:

Dorothy Williams – “What a cheek to charge us in Llanfairfechan. The car park is a disgrace and full of large craters.

“This morning there were huge pieces of concrete in the middle of the entrance and would do serious damage to cars.

“If less money had been spent on Rhos on sea there would be cash to spare for the rest of Conwy.

"You should be ashamed to ask local people to pay.

“We have so little services available to us, and will have less in the future.

“Our community charge is high and we are expected to pay for permits to park - this will be a huge blow to the village.”

JJ M Ankritt – “Just about to ruin yet another beautiful area for greed.

“They did this at Colwyn Bay many years ago and the people stopped coming, they made it free and the crowds came - now they are about to do it again with massive prices.”

Jim Hamilton – “That's right, let's make residents and tourists more to park, as well as making them drive much more slowly, increase the residents’ council tax and yet all this for nothing back and they wonder why everywhere is struggling.”

Roger Thornhil – “Have I missed any comments from our elected members on this issue, surely they should have had something to say, if only that they are going to repair the car park prior to charging and make sure that both toilets are operational.”

Angela Walker – “Another thing that will have a detrimental effect on the economy -tourists won't end up coming, it's off putting for them with the 20-mile limit, now this.”

Tina Lee – “Plus some public bins have been taped up - it's getting beyond a joke this council.”

Gareth Young – “Does that charge come with a full valet and a new set of tyres!”

Carol Loughlin – “The damage to Plas yn Dre car park in Llanrwst has been caused by heavy vehicles using the council salt and grit depot and recycling centre.

“It's shameful that those using that car park are being made to pay for the damage caused by council vehicles.”

Emma-Louise Jones – “So unfair! Residents should have a sticker or something to put on the inside of the windscreen and we should be exempt from paying!

“We pay enough just to get sod all back.”

Jeff Pearson – “Let's hope nobody uses them and holidaymakers go elsewhere than Wales for their holidays with having to pay such prices to park and that is on top of the 20mph speed restrictions.

“If the council didn't waste so much money they wouldn't need to charge for parking.”