A GUEST house based in Llandudno was the venue of yesterday’s (April 22) episode of Channel 4’s “Four in a Bed” programme.

Rosaire Guest House, on St Seiriol's Rd, is competing on the show against The Queen’s Hotel in Harlech, The Mill at Glynhir in Llandybie, and Hideaway Escapes in Pembrokeshire.

Joanne Beckett and her mum, Pat, who own Rosaire Guest House, hosted their fellow competitors in last night’s episode, with two of the three other groups saying they would stay again.

The guest house, which they have owned and ran together for nine years, is described by Pat is a “home from home,” and one which Jo prides on being “homely” and “very welcoming”.


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Their guests occupied three of its six rooms, which cost up to £95 per night (including breakfast).

After checking in, married couple Matthew and Helen Dowler (The Mill at Glynhir) hailed the “amazing view” from their £95-a-night room.

Joanne and Pat then took their guests to Llandudno Pier, which included by a ride on its Ferris wheel and a stop for ice cream, and later, a trip to a pub for a drink.

Rachel and Liam Madigan (Queen’s Hotel) hailed the “absolutely fantastic” Joanne and Pat, adding that they “really enjoyed our time here”.

Cooked breakfasts the next morning received high praise all round – “I wouldn’t mind having my breakfast here!,” Pat said.

Joanne added: “Our breakfast is probably the best in Llandudno; we do fantastic produce, of the highest quality, with good choice and variety.”

When asked to score Rosaire Guest House, Matthew and Helen praised their “very knowledgeable” hosts, and though they highlighted a “mishmash of furniture” in their room, they said they would stay there again.

Likewise, Rachel and Liam said they would return, not least because of the “really good night’s sleep” they enjoyed.

But sisters Lesley Cloud and Sarah Williams (Hideaway Escapes) said they wouldn’t stay again, despite noting their “welcoming and bubbly” hosts and their “perfect breakfast”.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong here, but if I’m going away, I’d rather book something more to my style and taste,” Lesley said.

Guests then pay what they think their stay was worth, with the cash amount kept secret until the end of the competition.

The winner will be revealed on Friday’s (April 26) show, while next to host tonight are Rachel and Liam in Harlech.

You can watch Rosaire Guest House compete on Four in a Bed every night this week at 6pm on Channel 4, or on demand on All 4.