AN MP HAS spoken out about why he voted in support of landmark bill to create smokefree generation.

On April 16, MPs voted on the Tobacco and Vapes Bill (Second Reading). A total of 383 lent their support to the bill, 67 MPs voted against. 

The bill will make it illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone born after January 1 2009, which covers children who are currently 15 or younger.

The legislation would not ban smoking outright as anyone who can legally buy tobacco now will be able to continue to do so if the bill becomes law.

In support of the new legislation was Robin Millar, MP for Aberconwy. 

Mr Millar said: "I voted in support of the Smoking and Vaping Bill because I want to give children a chance. 

"We know the tactics of Big Tobacco for decades have been to target youngsters and build life long - and life shortening - habits. We know that four in five people who smoke started before they were 20 years old and that three in four of them, given the chance again today, would not start smoking.

"It's no surprise that the active ingredient in most vapes is nicotine, or that disposable vape use has exploded in the last couple of years. Removing or limiting enticing flavours and cheap disposable values which are so harmful to the environment makes sense. 

"There is also the cost. Right now 7p in every £1 we pay in income tax goes on a response to smoking related diseases.

"The Smoking and Vaping Bill helps address all these points, without affecting the freedoms of any adults today. 

"That's important. This is not a 'Nanny State' measure or the thin end of the wedge. Nor will it be alcohol next. The harm profile of alcohol and tobacco is very different but unlike alcohol, there is no safe level of tobacco consumption. It doesn't kill half its users."

Mr Millar added: "I support the principles of freedom - of speech, the freedom to gather, to worship and to believe. They are foundations of our society. But they are not without thought. We have agreed to all sorts of things that limit our freedoms, every day - for example, wearing a seat belt. 

"No law is perfect. But I do think it is the responsibility of government to act on behalf of those who don't have a choice or are not ready to make that choice."

The Bill will give the Government new powers to clamp down on young people vaping, which include imposing restrictions on flavours and regulating the way they are packaged and sold to make them less appealing to children.

Trading standards officers will be able to issue fines to retailers who ignore the new restrictions, with the revenue raised redirected to fund further enforcement.

Also voting in favour of the bill was Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn and Dr James Davies, MP for Vale of Clwyd. There was no vote recorded from David Jones, MP for Clwyd West.