Ice cream lovers heading to North Wales, rejoice!

TripAdvisor's top 5 ice cream parlours in the Conwy and Llandudno area are revealed to aid your choice.

Whether it's classic vanilla or something unique, satisfaction is guaranteed at these loved locales.

But the area isn't limited to a Top 5, there's many spots to explore for a refreshing treat on a balmy day - it's the cherry on top of what promises to be a fantastic holiday or simple summer day trip to Llandudno and Conwy.


Top 5 places for ice cream in Conwy and Llandudno:

1. Parisella's Ice Cream Parlour

With its parlour on Conwy High Street, and a kiosk on the harbour, it's hard to think of a visit to the historic town without stopping for a scoop or two of Parisella's ice cream.

Parisella's is also available at the cafe in Happy Valley, Llandudno.

One TripAdvisor review said: "Best ice-cream in the world. If you was nearby to home I would come every weekend. I once took 8 tubs home all the way to Grimsby!"

2. Forte's Cafe Restaurant

Another firm favourite with holidaymakers and locals alike is Forte's on Mostyn Street in Llandudno.

Serving Italian and British cuisine, the cafe is perhaps best known for its ice cream treats.

One TripAdvisor comment read: "Fantastic food and service, had a lovely time here. Next time we come back were definitely coming here again. All staff had an amazing sence of humour eveyone was so welcoming. Best part was the ice cream sundaes!"

3. West Shore Beach Cafe

Situated on Dale Road on Llandudno's popular West Shore, this beach cafe is perfect for those wanting a quick bite or a frozen treat.

Reviewer Miss Traveller said: "Perfect location, located just behind the West Shore beach car park. Offers a wide selection of food, hot/cold drinks and ice creams. A very welcome break from the beach! Sometimes it’s busy but what do people expect when this is the only cafe on the West Shore beach, busy means good remember!"

4. Llandudno Pier Ice Cream & Milkshakes

Situated on Llandudno's iconic pier, this is the perfect place to pick up an ice cream when exploring what the town has to offer. 

Reviewers remarked on both the quality and quantity of the ice cream served.

A TripAdvisor reviewer said: "We visited Llandudno for the weekend, the weather was great. We had ice creams from here twice! Really nice ice cream and you get loads!"

5. Conwy Ice Cream

Situated on Conwy's High Street, this shop offers traditional local ice cream as well as soft serve.

Reviewers commented on this parlour's value for money.

Just watch out for seagulls!

Reviewer Leha commented: "Happened upon this little ice-cream shop today on our way back from the visiting the castle with the children who were all begging for ice-creams. Thought I'd be digging deep in my purse but was pleasantly surprised to find that five Ice-creams (combination of tubs and cones) all came to under a tenner. Don't even remember the last time that happened for lovely ice creams. Excellent friendly service too and very patient with us while the children all chose what flavour they wanted (too many to choose from!) We were gonna head back there to replace one that the seagulls had swiped from my 8 year olds hand mid -lick but had wondered to far so will make a visit again the next time we are in Conwy."