RHOS-on-Sea Rotary members have been refurbishing the chairs at St Trillo Chapel.

Wyn Jones and Cliff Large, from the Rotary, carried out the work at the tiny plain stone roofed building, also in Rhos-on-Sea.

Geoff Price, from the club, said: "The club regularly carry out garden maintenance at the chapel as part of our community service commitment."

Gavin Davies, rotary president, said: "We are always delighted to play our part in preserving such an important part of our local history."

North Wales Pioneer: The chapel is dedicated to St TrilloThe chapel is dedicated to St Trillo (Image: Submitted)

The chapel is dedicated to St Trillo, an early saint from the 6th century with connections to the area.

The altar stands over a natural spring, thought to have been an ancient holy well, from which water has been used for baptisms in the parish.