THE future of “the most comprehensive collection of owls in the UK” at a now-closed Llandudno farm park has been secured.

The Owls Trust came to Bodafon Farm Park in 1999 at the beginning of the site’s 25 year-lease.

But Bodafon Farm Park closed last September, and its lease ended in January, with the land ownership now having reverted back to Mostyn Estates.


Mostyn Estates confirms 'plans' for closed Bodafon Farm Park

While the trust had previously been "guests" at Bodafon Farm Park with the agreement of Mostyn Estates, it has snow obtained a legally binding contract with the estate for its owls to remain at the site.

Pamela Broughton, who set up The Owls Trust with her husband, said that, while the park may remain closed, the owl sanctuary is still open for people to enjoy.

She said: “The Owls Trust now holds the most comprehensive collection of owls in the UK and we are open to the public. We are open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-3pm, and it is entirely free to visit.

“Mostyn Estates are carrying out a comprehensive refurbishment of the park and we understand that it may be their intention to reopen as a farm park once again when these have been completed, but The Owls Trust is secure in our tenure.

“They (Mostyn Estates) are very happy with us, and they’ve been brilliant with accommodating us.

“We have nearly 70 owls, including a Pel’s fishing owl, which is the only one on display to the public in the world.

“We didn’t want to relocate them. We’ve been there for 25 years and it’s a beautiful setting. The owls simply fit well here, and have the best view over Llandudno Bay.”

Pamela added that the trust “urgently” needs volunteers – those who are interested in helping can get in touch by calling 01492 870719 or emailing

Last month, a sign was erected at Bodafon Farm Park stating that the site was “temporarily closed”.

Mostyn Estates confirmed it has “plans for the farm park” in the future, despite its closure last year.

A spokesperson for the company added: "We're pleased that the Owls Trust have continued to commit to Bodafon and provide a remarkable sanctuary for the species.”