A LLANDUDNO veterinary clinic has launched “state-of-the-art” CT scanning at its facility.

Murphy & Co Vets, on Builder Street West, now offers computed tomography (CT) scanning, an imaging technique that uses X-rays to generate detailed cross-sectional images of the insides of pets.

Established in 2012 with two vets, one nurse and a receptionist, the business has now developed into a team of more than 10 staff.

Its mobile vet clinic is also now in its second year, running on Thursdays in Pwllheli, Criccieth and Porthmadog.

A spokesperson for Murphy & Co said: “Murphy & Co are one of the only veterinary practices in North Wales to be able to offer state-of-the-art CT scanning.

“We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated veterinary CT scanner on site, which is always available, even at short notice.

“We also have a specially trained team to interpret the images and rapidly come to an accurate diagnosis – dramatically cutting down the wait before your pet can start treatment.

“Previously, pets would have to travel to England to referral centres.”


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CT can be used to help diagnose and plan treatment for a huge range of conditions.

These include tumours, lung disease, abnormal blood vessels, urinary problems, and abdominal trauma.

Depending on the urgency, results can be obtained in as little time as a matter of hours.

The vet is also holding an open day on Saturday, June 8, from 1-3pm.

A spokesperson for the vet added: “Your pet will be under the care of our specially trained CT nurse, whose job it is to make sure everything goes smoothly.

“They’ll be settled into kennels so we know they’re as comfortable as possible before we take them down for the scan.

“Then, they’ll be given a short anaesthetic so they don’t get worried, anxious or wriggly.

“Once asleep, they’ll be carefully monitored while the scanner whisks them through the doughnut for the scan to take place.

“Once done, we can either move them to theatre for treatment, or we can wake them up and return them to kennels, depending on what is found on the scan.”