TWO AMERICAN guests with an unlikely link to a bar in Llandudno stopped by for a surprise visit, with a remarkable story about its history.

Debbie Bank and Joseph Realdine travelled all the way from Hawaii to Llandudno in search of a bar with strong family ties.

They arrived at The Gresham, a cocktail bar at 143 Mostyn Street, and stunned members of staff with a backstory dating back more than 100 years.

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Debbie’s great great grandmother and grandfather Julia Knapp and Charles Mac had bought The Gresham in 1913.

The couple owned the business until 1925, with some of their descendants ending up settling in Haleiwa, around 40 minutes from the Hawaiian capital Honolulu.

The Gresham said of the visit: “They flew over from Hawaii just to come to visit The Gresham and made us aware in the venue.

“You find a piece of history every day.

“Thank you to both Debbie and Joseph for coming in and sharing the story.”