CONWY residents have been encouraged to contact their county council regarding what roads they would like to no longer have a 20mph speed limit.

As of September 17, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from 30mph to 20mph.

That was, according to Welsh Government, to help “save lives”.

But in April, the cabinet secretary for North Wales and transport, Ken Skates, said he will be looking to make a “targeted change” to 20mph zones in Wales.

You can have your say on where 20mph should be changed by emailing


The number of speeding convictions issued on new 20mph roads in Conwy

It follows the disclosure that 3,796 drivers have been caught exceeding the 20mph speed limit in Wales since January, and that, between March and April, more than 110 were at a single location - Glan-y-Mor Road in Penrhyn Bay.

Janet Finch-Saunders, Aberconwy MS, said: “With Welsh Government openly accepting that there needs to be a review of 20mph, and residents contacting local authorities with their suggestions, enforcement in the new 20mph zones should be suspended.

“Here in Aberconwy, we have a hotspot of residents being caught speeding in Penrhyn Bay.

“Rather than continuing to catch drivers, there should be an urgent review of the suitability of the new 20mph limit.

“I encourage as many residents as possible to email Conwy County Borough Council to inform them where they would like the 20mph limits changed.

“You use the roads, so you should have your say."