A TOTAL of three drivers were stopped in Llandudno and had their licences revoked due to “serious issues with their eyesight” last week.

On Friday (June 14), officers from North Wales Police’s Roads Crime Unit conducted an operation in Llandudno which involved stopping vehicles, speaking with the drivers and requesting an eyesight test.

It is a legal requirement that drivers can read a standard UK number plate at a distance of 20 metres during the hours of daylight.

Checks were then carried out on the driver’s licence, insurance and MOT, as well as a quick physical vehicle check.

North Wales Police said: “Of the 100+ drivers that were stopped on the day, the majority had no issues and continued on their journey within a couple of minutes.

“However, unfortunately, three drivers that were stopped had to have immediate revocations of their licence due to serious issues with their eyesight.

“The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) were immediately informed, and those drivers were taken home by officers.

“Good eyesight is essential for safe driving, and we make no apologies in trying to reduce serious and fatal collisions in line with road safety initiatives.”

The three motorists who had their licences revoked will now await a decision from the DVLA in terms of meeting the standard required.

They cannot drive until the DVLA says so, and if they do, they are committing further offences.

A number of tickets were also issued for defects on vehicles, meanwhile.