ANDY Moulsdale says he is "99.9 per cent certain" that North Wales Crusaders will be able to end their League 1 campaign in Colwyn Bay.

Issues with the pitch at the club's Stadiwm CSM base in Colwyn Bay have plagued Crusaders this season, however Moulsdale, the club's CEO, is confident the side will be able to return home at the end of the month.

Moulsdale told CruCast: "I can't see that game not going ahead.

"So that game will go ahead at the end of the month at Eirias Park.

"But, again, after what's happened, I'm not going to wholeheartedly say that, but I'm 99.9 per cent certain that will go ahead."

Crusaders have played just once in Colwyn Bay this season, with the club travelling to Llanrwst, Rhyl and Chester in order to play their home matches.

Meetings between the club and Conwy County Borough Council have been taking place on the ground issue and Moulsdale said: "I get it's been a tough season for everyone and going forward, they've given us assurances.

"The frustrating bit is I get what's gone on this year and how it looks and it's been frustrating and no-one's felt the brunt of that more than me.

"I'm the one who has had to deal with it financially, logistically, but once this is fixed and once we can get back playing there, the issues we've had over the last 12 months and even the last two, three years shouldn't happen again, whether that we with Wales Rugby Union, RGC.

"We should never have the issue of there's a game on Saturday, so you can't play on the Sunday.

"Or if we have a Challenge Cup game that's two weeks' notice, we should never have that issue again."

The match at home to London Skolars will be played on August 27.

"It hasn't been ideal what we've had to go through," stressed Moulsdale.

"I think the council accept that and appreciate that, especially after meeting and us discussing.

"It's not just as easy as we haven't got a ground, find another one.

"It's the implication it has on performance and continuity and finances, sponsors.

"The whole lot that goes with it. It's more than just not being able to play a game and I think after meeting with them (the council), they appreciate that."