LLANDUDNO FC have lost an appeal after its academy status application was rejected by the Football Association of Wales.

The club previously had a Category B academy, but lost this designation after a review by the FAW, which deemed the club to have “failed in one or two areas”, according to Aberconwy MP Robin Millar.

Mr Millar, who has been working with the club board to help them through various challenges it faces, said of the process: “What the volunteers at the club have done and the effort they are putting in is huge.

“The academy application process involved a five-hour interview, an all day visit and over 200 boxes to tick.

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“The club has bent over backwards to answer and satisfy the requirements and address any shortcomings - they did well and had great feedback but failed in one or two areas.

“An example is a requirement to film a minimum of five youth games in each age category.

“Logistical and other problems meant they came up one game short and only managed four in some age categories.

“Likewise when they identified certificates and licenses for some staff had expired and needed renewing they tried to book them on the necessary courses.

“But the demand is so high for spaces on approved training courses that courses as far ahead as August were fully booked, so only some of their staff have been able to refresh their licenses in time.

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“With everything else that has been happening - a change of chairman, damage to the main playing surface, the cost of hiring alternative surfaces and much more - these administrative points are frustrating.”

The decision, which stripped the club of its Category B status, means that the club will be forced to release all its youth players before the start of the new season, putting careers in danger.

Their appeal against the decision was also rejected, a club statement said.

In a club statement released yesterday, Llandudno FC said: “Late last night, we were informed by the FAW that we were unsuccessful in our appeal for academy status for the upcoming season.

“We would like to thank all the staff, coaches, players and parents for their effort and support and we hope you stick with us on our new journey.”