LLANDUDNO Sailing Club held its annual Paul Moreton Trophy event, a single-day competition over three races recently.

Unfortunately, the fickle wind conditions meant that after nearly three hours on the water the results had to be determined after just two races.

After missing sailing last week Paul Moreton himself returned to the water and sailed serenely to victory in both races. It was left to the rest of the fleet to fight out the minor places.

The changeable wind conditions caused some bemusement; some crews who sailed well in the first race found their form deserting them in the second. Kevin Parvin performed the best of the bunch, sneaking through into second place overall.

The Laser cohort had battled so well during the day that it proved impossible to separate them at the end. The third step of the podium was shared by Andy Bluff, John Brown, Mark Jackson and Joe Shelley.