The North Wales Cricket League premier division season ended on a sour note for both St Asaph and Northop as two players came to blows in the middle of the Elwy Park Grove wicket.

St Asaph opener Matt Ryan seemingly edged a delivery to Northop's Jordan Evans off the bowling of James Birch but instead of walking stood his ground.

Evans, the son of North Wales League discipline secretary and vice chairman, Phil, was upset with this and entered into a verbal battle with Ryan before wrapping the home side captain in a headlock and wrestling him to the ground.

The pair were eventually separated by umpires and players before the game continued.

An eyewitness at the match said: "It was certainly cricket with a difference.

"I've never seen anything like it. The crowd were amazed."

Umpires Ian Hadfield and Huw Kelly are set to report the incident after it was caught on camera.

The Journal has been in contact with St Asaph and Northop but both clubs have refused to comment.

North Wales League treasurer Richard Penny said he could confirm the governing body were aware of the incident and an outcome on the skirmish will be made within three weeks.

He said: “The North Wales Cricket League management committee are aware of reports in the media of an incident in the St Asaph versus Northop match.

“No comment will be made until such time as reports from the panel umpires are received by the nominated members of the committee and any required process for breach of league rules have run their course.”

The match at St Asaph's Elwy Grove Park continued after the fight with Northop eventually claiming victory by one wicket.