A PROPOSED rugby region in North Wales is now in question after one of the most turbulent weeks in the history of the domestic game.

The Scarlets confirmed in a statement that their merger with Ospreys is now “off the table” following a late change of heart from their rivals, despite all parties agreeing to the changes prior to a meeting between power-brokers last week.

This merger would have made room for a new rugby region in the north, which would have boosted the sport in the area considerably.

Welsh Rugby Union chairman Gareth Davies admitted that the “wheels came off” during the week that saw Project Reset met with a huge backlash from rugby fans across the country.

He said: "It's at the moment probably back to where we were in terms of the four regional entities unless something drastic happens over the next few weeks.

"Politics reign supreme in Welsh rugby, it was always thus. It's been a tough week for everybody," Davies told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"The new Professional Rugby Board (PRB) has been working quite hard and quite positively over the past 12 or 15 months to try and look at the structure and decide on a way forward.

"Things seemed to be moving in the right direction, with the four-region sort of in agreement up until this week in terms of direction of travel.

"This week the wheels came off, as it were."

Discussions between the Welsh Rugby Union and regions as part of Project Reset also included previous proposals such as merging Ospreys and Cardiff Blues, but those plans fell through.

Ospreys chairman Mike James announced his resignation on Tuesday, with the region calling for a complete rethink of the process.

“It really is a dynamic time for the sport. I don't think anybody can predict the outcome,” added Davies.