Llyn Brenig

AT pain of repetition it has once again, last week was a very wet week at Llyn Brenig, writes seasonal ranger JIM JENKINS.

However, it didn’t matter as the Saturday was a glorious day and that was the most important day of the week anyway as it saw the marriage of ranger Owen Jenkins to his partner Teleri.

Congratulations to the newlywed couple and may the future be bright and full of joy.

The weather last month was amazingly predictable, with grey, rain-filled skies being the main order of the day.

It was also quite a cool month.

This weather has actually benefitted the fisherman and the lake fished really well from bank or boat throughout the month.

Two observations by fishermen during the week probably best sum up the fishing over the last few weeks.

Emrys Jones, from Llandudno Junction, wrote: "Fish all over the lake, brilliant day out."

Meanwhile, Mr Jenkin, from Crewe, wrote: "Fish at all water levels, up and down, used dries, lures and boobies as it didn’t really matter."

So, to sum up, the fish are everywhere in the lake, they are at every water level and they are taking every fly that you throw at them, so what can possibly go wrong?

We had a busy fishing week at the Brenig with the police holding their inter-regional competition here on the Thursday and a Sierra pairs heat taking place on the Saturday.

First place in the Sierra pairs went to Glen Moody and Neil Gregory, whilst in second place came Ryan Perrott and Gareth Williams.

Third place went to Osian Davenport and Llion Francis.

We also had the Clwb Hela Eryri fishing competition taking place here on the Sunday with the money being raised going to the club and the MacMillan Trust.

Sunday was a bit more of a struggle with the fishing, as the heavy thundery skies tended to turn the fish off.

However, the winner Ian Williams, from Llanberis, managed to catch six fish at a bag weight of 14lbs 5ozs and he also claimed the biggest fish, a 3lbs 7ozs rainbow.

The results for the police competition will hopefully be in next week’s report.

Once again, the lake has been fishing really well with some lovely fish being caught.

The fish in the lake at the moment are a mixture of rainbows and blues, both of which fight like crazy.

They also seem to take the fly differently, with the rainbows diving deep, whereas the blues take the fly as they come out of the water and as a result are extremely spectacular as they fly through the air.

This makes for some very exciting sport and many fishermen have commented on the thrill of catching these fish.

The rod average for the week was 5.3 fish per angler, including fish returned.

The fish caught seem to be getting bigger, with a number of fish over four pounds being recorded.

D Ellis caught a rainbow weighing in at 6lbs, whilst the biggest fish of the week was a massive 12lbs 4ozs and it was caught by Paul Jones, from the Wirral.

There have been so many positive comments about the fishing at the Brenig that it is a pleasure to read them.

Dei Smith captured the mood of the fishermen when he wrote: "The Brenig continues to fish very well, hard fighting fish, lost four on a sinking tip line. The season ticket is worth every penny." Hear hear to that!

The top flies of the week were hawthorne, heather fly, diawl bach, black hopper, sedge, cat’s whiskers, damsel and various blobs and boobies.

The hot spots?

Now, once again, the fish have been found all over the lake - they are close to the bank and in the top of the water, so you can really take your chance and fish wherever the fancy takes you!

The visitors' centre is always a good spot for bank fishing, as is tower bay for the boats, but sailing club bay fished well once again from bank and boat, and the quarry and Hafod Lom were a hot spot for the boats during the week.

Ranger Owen Jenkins is at the moment sitting on a beach in the Maldives enjoying his honeymoon, while I am writing this as the rain pours down outside, but it doesn’t really matter where you are so long as you have your health, your happiness, someone by your side and a fishing rod in your hand.

Tight Lines.