COLWYN Bay manager Craig Hogg is keen for leagues to finish in “the fairest possible way” in the event of the domestic season being cancelled.

Concerns are growing regarding the ability to see out the campaign across all levels in Wales after the English Football Association and National League system opted to cancel all non-professional football and expunge all results without promotion or relegation.

The Football Association of Wales has not yet come to a conclusion regarding the matter, with the current Covid-19 suspension in place until April 30.

Hogg, said: “For obvious reasons, there has been a lot of speculation and different opinions being shared on social media, following on from what happened over in England in their non-league game and, we are all waiting to see what happens here.

“I think everyone in football was quite surprised by how quickly that decision was taken in England and, it’s understandable that a reconsideration of that has now been requested by a number of clubs and owners over the border.

“I’ve spoken to a couple of managers both in England and Wales and we all want to get the season finished, but only when completely safe and ultimately right to do so for all stake our holders.”

The JD Cymru North Manager of the Month for February has suggested that points per game method could be the best possible solution to decide any outstanding league matters, and urged the FAW to consult with clubs before coming to their own conclusion.

“I feel all clubs should be consulted before anything is finalised, to maintain fairness. I’d like to think the FAW would do that,” added Hogg.

“Leagues would have to be concluded in the fairest possible way and, in my view, that would be PPG averaged out on remaining fixtures, combined with current gold difference, if teams are tied.

“Enough football has been played now to average out who gets what points. We are at the back end of a campaign, not four games in, so I think it’s important that winners of leagues are recognised along with promotion and appropriate relegations.

“The season can’t just be written off. Too much has been invested by so many people, in so many different ways to say it simply didn’t happen.

“I think many in the game would also become hugely disenfranchised if that were to be the case as well.”