LLANDUDNO residents fear an 18m-high mobile phone mast will be an eyesore and reduce house prices.

Clarke Telecom is currently carrying out a pre-planning consultation for the 5G mast on behalf of network providers Three before they apply to Conwy County Council’s planning department.

If the mast gets the go-ahead, it will be placed on the grassed area at the junction between St. Mary’s Road and Claremont Road.

But residents living on the street say the mast will be an eyesore.

Others fear the mast will result in reduced house prices in the area, and some even worry the mast could be damaging to health, despite Government assurances the technology is safe.


A letter has gone out from local councillors to people living nearby, warning them about the plans in an area of Llandudno that has notoriously patchy internet data coverage.

But residents wishing to speak either in favour or against the development have only until tomorrow to take part in the pre-consultation exercise.

Maeve O’Hehir has lived on St Mary’s Road for five years with her partner Kim Cast and was unhappy with the plans.

“The residents on this road are just up in arms and also on Claremont Road,” she said.

“The mast is 18m high, and it has a load of equipment at the end of it. Everybody is against it.

“There is a nursery around the corner. People with young children are worried about health concerns. People are worried about the visibility on the road when it’s not in keeping with the area.

“I have got a mobile phone. I know we need better service for our data, but you just get very used to living here. But there will be far more suitable places.”

She added: “The residents are talking that it could go near the football club or maybe near Builder Street somewhere instead. People are not happy. It affects the valuation of your house.”

Cornelia O’Leary also lives nearby.

“As you can imagine, this information has been the cause of much upset and worry to all of us living on these roads regarding the sheer size and eyesore of the structure within a residential area,” she said.

“We are all opposed to this application. Llandudno is a very popular holiday town with a Victorian heritage.

“The mast, by its sheer height and the cabinets that sit alongside, needs to be placed within an industrial area or shopping site where it will not be out of place.

“Those who make the decisions as where to place such a monstrosity have complete disregard for the communities and towns.”

Both Clarke Telecom and Three were contacted for a comment.

Residents wanting to object during the pre-planning application have until tomorrow (26 January) to email llandudnogogarth@gmail.com