TELECOMMUNICATIONS company “Three” has decided not to pursue planning permission for a telecoms mast at St Mary’s Road/Claremont Road in Llandudno.

Clarke Telecom was undertaking a pre-application consultation for a mast that was intended to be 18m high; 8m higher than the average roof level in a residential area of Llandudno.

Having written an urgent letter to the managing director raising serious concerns, the MS for Aberconwy, Janet Finch-Saunders, has now secured a positive response.


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Nicola Davies, community affairs manager at Three, has written to Mrs Finch-Saunders, saying: “Clarke Telecom are agents working on behalf of Three and have shared your letter with me so I can respond.

“Following the conclusion of pre-application consultation I confirm we will not be proceeding with the proposed site on St Mary’s Road – no planning application will be submitted.

“We will be re-assessing potential alternative locations and engaging with the local planning authority.”

Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “This will be a huge relief to so many residents. I have been proud to work with them to ensure that the mast does not go ahead.

“When looking at the drawings, it was clear that it would have been an absolute eyesore and not in keeping with the Victorian houses in this specific area.

“I thank Clarke Telecom and Three for listening and stopping the plan to apply for planning permission”.