THE Ferris wheel on Llandudno Pier has now re-opened to riders. 

Last week, the Pioneer shared amazing drone photos, taken by our SEO reporter Patrick Glover, showing the famous Ferris wheel being pieced back together

The 69-ft tall structure arrived back at Llandudno Pier earlier this month. During the winter months, the wheel goes on tour. It can be seen, and ridden, at Sheffield Christmas Market until January, before returning to Llandudno Pier in early Spring.

It re-opened to the public on Saturday, March 16.

Paul Williams, general manager at Llandudno Pier, said: "The Ferris wheel is fully open and has been busy over the weekend with great feedback on social media.

"Everyone seems to be happy for it's return."

Paul said last week that the wheel had become a "local landmark" with its "magnificent presence along the North Wales coast line, especially when illuminated in the evenings."

One person posted on the Llandudno Pier Facebook page: "We are visiting Easter weekend and cannot wait to be back in our happy place."


Another person said: "Back where it belongs."

Whilst another wrote: "Been on the wheel, a good view from the top on a nice day. Wil do it again."

Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams commissioned Italian manufacturer Lamborghini to design the traditional wheel, which has 18 gondolas carrying six people each.

Llandudno Pier confirmed they are in 'full season mode'. As well as the Ferris wheel, rides and arcades have re-opened and the bar, café and food outlets are open.